Alcohol Treatment Programs

Alcohol Education And Treatment Programs

I often suggest clients enroll in a state-approved alcohol education or treatment program in advance of a trial or hearing. If you are a multiple offender, I strongly recommend that you enroll with a treatment provider as soon as possible. If you are fighting a losing battle with alcoholism, please consult with your doctor and family. Many clients have found recovery by going to nationally recognized recovery programs such as Hazelden and the Betty Ford Center.

I have found that courts and prosecutors are willing to postpone cases while clients are receiving treatment. The Healing Place in Jefferson County has also received national attention for its successful alcohol recovery program.

If you plead guilty or are found guilty of any DUI offense in the Commonwealth of Kentucky you must enroll, attend and complete an alcohol education/treatment program. You must complete the counseling program before the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will allow the reinstatement of your driver's license. Failure to enroll, attend and complete a court-approved program may result in the judge holding you in contempt for failure to comply with the court's orders.

The court has the power to sentence you for up to six months in the county jail or until you comply with the court's order if you fail to complete your alcohol education/treatment program as directed. If you have a high reading or a DUI case with bad facts, you may want to consider enrolling and attending the alcohol education/treatment program now, while you still have a license. You must choose a program from the list of state-approved alcohol education/treatment providers.

After a finding of guilt and upon leaving the courtroom, offenders in Jefferson County are ordered to report to the Jefferson County Court Monitoring Center (CMC) located in the basement of the Hall of Justice. The CMC will have you complete some paperwork and collect a $25 processing fee from you. The CMC employees will give you a list of approved alcohol education/treatment providers. The CMC staff will collect your fee and give you a sealed envelope to give to your alcohol/treatment provider within 10 days.

If you open the envelope or fail to give the envelope to an approved provider within 10 days, you will not be in the program and you may be held in contempt by the court.

Payment of Fines and Court Costs

The fines and court costs that are assessed by a Judge or jury are actually due on the date you plead guilty or are found guilty. If you cannot pay the fines and court costs on the conviction date, the court will usually grant you 4-6 weeks to pay your fines and court costs. This court date is called a Show Cause date. You must pay your fines to the Jefferson District Court Clerk's Office, First Floor Hall of Justice, 600 West Jefferson, Louisville,

Kentucky at least one day before your schedule court date or you must appear in the sentencing court at the regular court time, to explain to the Judge why you should not be sentenced to jail for your failure to pay. DO NOT MISS THIS COURT DATE IF YOU HAVE NOT PREVIOUSLY PAID YOUR FINE AND COURT COSTS. The Clerk's office accepts cash, check, or charge. Checks should be made payable to David Nicholson, Jefferson Circuit Court Clerk and include your case number written in the memo section of your check.

Pay by Phone

You may now pay fines and costs by phone. Don't wait in line at the courthouse, call 1-866-396-1751. You may pay by American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. A service

charge is added to the total amount for the Pay by Phone option. To confirm court dates and fines, please contact the Jefferson District Court Clerk's Office at (502) 595-4428.

Volunteer Work

Some Judges will accept volunteer work at approved agencies in lieu of the fine and court costs. You must secure permission of the court to perform the volunteer work at one of the approve agencies at the time the Judge sentences you. Please remember the Court is not a bank where you can make payments. You are to pay your fine and costs in full. If you have some emergency, some Judges, but certainly not all, will give you more time to pay your fine and costs. Never forget to attend a Show Cause court date if you have not already paid your fine and cost.

Finally, please remember to retain a copy of the receipt for your payment and fines and court costs. Never, ever, throw away a court receipt or any other court document. My website provides a list of court approved volunteer agencies.

Reinstatement Of Your Driver's License

In order to secure the reinstatement of your driver's license you must complete the Alcohol Education/Treatment Program. The process for securing the reinstatement of a Kentucky Driver's License is as follows:

  1. Clients must wait until the expiration of the suspension.
  2. Clients must have the Alcohol Education/Treatment program provide proof pf completion to the Court Monitoring Center and to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Division of Driver's Licensing.
  3. Finally, you must pay a $40.00 license reinstatement fee by money order or certified check (no cash or personal checks will be accepted) to the:
    Division of Driver's Licensing
    Kentucky Department of Transportation
    4119-A Old Bardstown Road
    Louisville, Kentucky 40219
    (502) 493-1477

In addition, Alcoholic Anonymous has an impressive website with lots of information. The local AA contact information can be secured by contacting:

Greater Louisville Intergroup Inc (Louisville, KY)
332 W Broadway
Room 620
Louisville, KY 40202
United States

If a friend or family member needs help with his or her alcoholism, I urge you to visit Al-Anon of Kentucky and Southern Indiana:

If the problem is narcotics addiction, I recommend Louisville Area Narcotics Anonymous or (502) 499-4423.

Drug Addiction Alcohol Abuse Rehab Treatment Programs

If someone uses and abuses alcohol and or drugs every day, it is generally considered appropriate to go into a program on a full-time basis. These types of programs are designed to have a person lives full time and participate in drug alcohol treatment all day, every day. All of them require some form of payment, either insurance and or self pay. While the hospital programs are not recognized as DUI Alcohol Education/Treatment Programs, Judges routinely accept these program in lieu of programs required under KRS 189A.

Hospital based programs generally offer some form of detox from alcohol or drugs. Hospital drug and alcohol programs generally do not offer residential, 30 day type programs. These programs usually have some form of intensive outpatient program, referred to as IOP's. Hospital based alcohol and drug addiction programs usually accept most forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. While the hospital programs are not recognized as DUI Alcohol Education/Treatment Programs, Judges routinely accept these program in lieu of programs required under KRS 189A.. Please refer to my website for a list of drug and alcohol intensive inpatient and outpatient programs


The following is a list of approved Alcohol/Drug use assessment and education program providers, license and certified of the DUI Diversion Program. The list of state approved providers can be found on the internet at:

Court Monitoring Center

Upon a plea of guilty or a finding of guilt of a DUI charge you will be sentenced by a Judge. Part of your sentencing requires you to report to the Jefferson County Court Monitoring Center (CMC) located in the basement of the Hall of Justice. You will need to pay the Jefferson County Court Monitoring Center, $25.00 (CASH ONLY) on that date and CMC will advise the court of your enrollment, attendance, and completion of the program. You are required to complete paper work, including signing a release to permit CMC to have contact with your alcohol provider. The CMC staff will hand you a "sealed" envelope to hand deliver to your alcohol education provider.

You have 9 calendar days to deliver the sealed envelope to the provided. If you fail to comply, the CMC will report to the court of your non compliance and a Judge can sentence you up to six months for contempt of court.


I also recommend Dr. Linda Bailey if you are in need of psychotherapy counseling. Being charged with a criminal offense is very stressful for most of my clients. I have received excellent feed back from the clients I have referred to Dr. Bailey. Dr. Bailey has testified in Circuit and Family Courts and has an excellent reputation in the legal and psychotherapy communities.

Dr. Linda Bailey

9700 Park Plaza Avenue, Suite 105

Louisville, KY 40241

(502) 327-0209

For children to young adults counseling I recommend:

Matthew Veroff, LCSW

161 St. Matthew Ave., Unit 17

Louisville, KY 40207

(502) 773-4824

Home Incarceration Program

Because of Jail overcrowding, some Judges allow DUI First Offenders and DUI Second Offenders to serve their sentence on Home Incarceration. It is imperative that you have a basic residential home telephone service and that you cancel all accessory phone services such as call waiting, caller I.D., three way calling, etc prior to checking into the Home Incarceration Program. HIP is not free. You will have to pay at least $5.00 per day to be monitored by the HIP office. Please note, only on rare occasions will Judges permit DUI Third offenders to serve their sentence on Home Incarceration.

Please review my HIP page on, on this website, for information regarding the Jefferson County Home Incarceration program.


For information regarding bonds, please visit my Bonds page on this website.


If you are on probation or parole you may have a duty to report an offense within 24 hours to your probation officer. Make sure that you have advised me of your criminal history and whether you are on probation or parole.

If you are arrested on any new charges, contact me immediately.

A conviction to even a misdemeanor has numerous consequences. One study revealed that a criminal conviction results in over 22,000 consequences. A criminal conviction can impact your current and future employment, financial aid for school, housing, licensing, promotion, etc.

If you fail to pay restitution as ordered by the Court, a Judge is required to order the Transportation Cabinet to suspend your Kentucky Driver's license.

If any of the contact information you have provided for yourself, emergency contacts, prosecuting witnesses or our witnesses please contact me and provide me with the new contact information.

Drug Convictions may result in Financial Aid for college or technical school to be denied. A drug conviction may also result in the denial of public housing and other benefits.

If you are on probation/parole-even just a criminal charge may result in your revocation. You also have a duty to report the arrest immediately to your probation/parole officer.

If you are in this country illegally, your charge/conviction may result in your deportation. (Padilla v. Kentucky Practice Advisory Review) My website provides you with information about the impact of criminal charges. If you are in this country on a visa, or illegally, please contact your immigration attorney and advise them of your criminal charges. Please have them call me so that we may work together to protect your rights.

A plea to a felony will result in the denial of certain licenses, public offices, public housing, benefits, right to vote, and more.

Please be aware that the Federal Government may deny financial aid for college/technical schools for any drug related conviction.

If you are on probation/parole-even just a criminal charge may result in your revocation.

If you are in this country illegally, your charge/conviction may result in your deportation. You must review my website on this issue and advise me of your legal status so that I may review your rights with you. Immediately contact your immigration attorney and ask your immigration attorney to contact of email me immediately so that we may coordinate your representation. You must review my website's link on immigration law as it impacts your criminal charges. If you move or change your phone number, I must be notified immediately at

Information For Various Treatment Facilities & Programs:

2nd Chance

What they offer

Christian Residential treatment

Insurance they take:

Self-pay $1000 for the first month and $750 each month after

Contact Info:

Phone (270) 384-9548

Fax: (502) 371-0710


Office Mailing Address: PO Box 97

Campbellsville, KY 42719

Baptist East Chemical Dependency Program

What they offer:

Partial hospitalization program

No detox (must have 3 days sober)

Insurance they take


Contact Info:

Call to schedule an intake assessment

(502) 896-7105

4000 Kresge Way

Louisville, KY 40207

Beacon House

What they offer:

Men’s residential recovery facility

Insurance they take:

They charge a small weekly fee

Contact Info:

Mac Brown

(502) 581-0765

963 S. 2nd St.

Louisville, KY 40203

Better Alternatives Counseling

What they offer:

Outpatient treatment facility

Insurance they take:

$100 for the eval and costs money per session.  They do work on a sliding scale

Contact Info:

1169 Eastern Pkwy Suite 1138

(502) 454-6350

Bradford Health Services

What they offer:

Intensive Outpatient, Dual-Diagnosis

Abstinence based program

Send people for Detox if needed

Insurance they take:

Call for more information

Contact Info:

Whitney Hall

4229 Bardstown Rd., Ste 311

Louisville, KY 40218

(502) 491-3799

The Brook

What they offer:

Mental Health and Substance Abuse services

Inpatient and Outpatient Services

Can send impatient even if they have already detoxed

Free Assessment 24/7

Dual Diagnosis inpatient and outpatient

Insurance they take:

Accepts all private and Medicare

Medicaid for outpatient (but no impatient)


Contact Info:

Person: Melissa Taylor

Cell: (502)-681-8790

Fax: (502) 429-5787

1405 Browns Lane (Near Dutchmans Pkwy)

Louisville, KY 40207

The Center for Behavioral Health

What they offer:

Methadone and suboxone clinic

Insurance they take:

Won’t use insurance

Flat rate of $125/week includes medication, therapy

Contact Info:

(502) 894-0234

1402A Browns Lane

Louisville, KY

Certified Counseling Services

What they offer:

Men only

Uses the Healing Place for Detox

2 year residential treatment that includes education, work, life skills and structure

Insurance they take:

Private pay only ($8,500 for 20 years)

But they get them a job so generally the money gets paid back

Rent is $70/week

Contact Info:

Laura McKiernan Gaeta

Cell: (502) 635-2008

Office: (502) 635-2008

422 Heywood Ave.

Louisville, KY 40208

Chrysalis House

What they offer:

Treatment for expecting and parenting mothers

Insurance they take:

Contact Info:


1589 Hill Rise Drive

Lexington, KY 40504

Clark Memorial Hospital: Behavioral Health Services

What they offer:

Dual-Diagnosis detox

Insurance they take:

Take all including indigent

Contact Info:

(812) 282-6631

1220 Missouri Ave

Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Commitment House


Corner of Hope

What they offer:

6-18 month residential substance abuse treatment program


The clients do work therapy and can be on mental health meds

Insurance they take:

Clients pay if they are able and the associated church covers costs if not

Contact Info:

(502) 413-0102

1811 Standard Ave.

Louisville, KY 40210

Cornerstone Treatment

What they offer:

Outpatient, Inpatient, Detox

Insurance they take:

Medicaid, Medicare

No one will be turned away if you have an emergency.  They also work on a sliding scale.

Contact Info:


Marion, IN

First Stop Urgent Care – DuPont

What they offer:

Vivitrol Clinic

Insurance they take:

Accept most MCOs and file for insurance for patients

Do not accept Passport

Contact Info:

Can walk in for assessment and intake

(502) 749-7909

908 DuPont Rd.

Louisville, KY

The Healing Place

What they offer:

Detox (first come, first serve and typically full by mid-morning), Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient

Insurance they take:

Indigent clients

Contact Info:

(502) 585-4848

1020 Market St.

Louisville, KY


What they offer:

Inpatient, dual diagnosis treatment for veterans

Insurance they take:

Contact Info:

(502) 964-7147

8311 Preston Highway

Louisville, KY 40219

Isaiah House

What they offer:

37 days, 100 days or 11 month programs (8 months in the house)

D gets a job after being there 100 days

Insurance they take:

Humana PPO, Cygna, United Healthcare

In the process of opening another facility for Medicaid

Can be expensive if self-pay ($5,400 up front and $2,700/Month)

Contact Info:

Phone (859) 375-9200 (ask for admissions)

Fax (859) 375-9201

2084 Main Street

Willisburg, KY 40078

Kentucky Mental Health Resources

 What they offer:

Intensive outpatient program for substance abuse

Insurance they take:

Works with clients on a sliding scale

Contact Info:

(502) 594-4059

Dutchman’s Lane

Louisville, KY

Jefferson Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center (JADAC)

What they offer:

Detox, Inpatient and Outpatient

Can be medically assisted if needed

Insurance they take:

KY’s Medicaid (Humana, Caresource, Passport and Wellcare)

Most of Commercial Insurances

Doesn’t take Coventry for Detox

Contact Info:

Office: (502) 472-2467

Fax: (502) 589-8614

101 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd.

Louisville, KY  40202

Ladies of Promise

What they offer:

Residential program, after care, job opportunities, Intensive Outpatient

12 steps

Contact Info:

Aileen Bryant

(502) 417-9799

2127 W. Market St.

Louisville, KY 40212

Lifespring Turning Point

What they offer:

Mental Health and Addiction services including Detox, and inpatient

Like 7-Counties but in Indiana

Insurance they take:


No indigent clients

Contact Info:


Mattie’s House

 What they offer:

Halfway house for women

Requires residents to attend a certain number of AA/NA meetings each week.

Insurance they take:

Weekly fee

Contact Info:

(502) 724-6386

1703 W. Ormsby Way

Louisville, KY

The Morton Center

What they offer:
Outpatient only

Longest program is 9 weeks

Indefinite long term care

Free programs for family members

Insurance they take:

Takes all commercial insurance but no Medicaid or Medicare

Takes out of pocket – assessment is $90

Can apply for a scholarship

Contact Ifno:

All scheduling is over the phone. Walk Ins 10-12 Mon thru Friday (but don’t sue insurance during that time)

1028 Barret Avenue

Louisville, KY 4024

(502) 451-1221

Our Father’s House

What they offer:

Residential treatment for men

Insurance they take:

Contact Info:

2130 W. Jefferson

775-0033 (Darryl Wales or Mike White)

Our Lady of Peace (OLOP)

What they offer:

Like and ER (open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week)

No long term inpatient rehab

Intensive Outpatient w/ transportation within Jefferson Co.

Insurance they take:

Takes all insurance but no IN Medicaid

Take Indigent

Contact Info:

Person: Kelly Gilooly

Office: (502) 479-4191


Peggy’s House


Recovery Works

What they offer:

Detox, IOP, inpatient, partial hospitalization, medication-assisted treatment (vivitorl) and transitional housing

Insurance they take:

Accepts most MCO’s

Contact Info:

3 locations

(270) 982-1244

100 Diecks Dr.

Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Recovery Solutions

What they offer:

Family Doctor who specializes in addiction recovery

Insurance they take:

Contact Info:

David Zoeller, M.D.

1239 Woodland Dr.

Elizabethtown, KY 42701


The Serenity House

What they offer:

Half-way house + treatment

Insurance they take:


Contact Info:

Micky McFarland


Sober Solutions

What they offer:

Insurance they take:

Contact Info:

Sober Works

What they offer:

Structured recovery residential living

Insurance they take:

Contact Info:

Damon Thurmon

(502) 432-3915

Southern Indiana Treatment Center

7509 Charlestown Pike

Charlestown, IN 47111

(812) 256-4686 ext. #133

Talbot House

What they offer:

Halfway house for men.  All are required to have a job within 3 weeks and must attend AA/NA meetings as well as submit to random drug tests and remain sober.

Insurance they take:

$90 er week w/ a $90 deposit

Contact Info:

(502) 587-0669

520 W. St. Catherin St.

Louisville, KY

Volunteers of America – Freedom House

What they offer:

Inpatient, residential substance abouse treatment for pregnant women.

Insurance they take:
Contact Info:

(502) 634-0082

1432 S. Shelby St.

Louisville, KY

Wayside Recovery Program

What they offer:

6-9 mo residency abstinence based program that includes work therapy, life skills and vocational classes

Both men and women’s programs (housed at separate sites)

Insurance they take:

Contact Info:

Louisville, KY

Chaplain Mike (345-9030 or 345-2403)

Lorene Barnes (804) 869-5208

If you would like more information on Alcohol Education And Treatment Programs, contact me online. Or you can call my office at (502) 589-6190 or (502) 648-1759 (text after hours). Your first consultation is free.