Drug Charge Lawyer in Louisville, KY

Drug Charge Lawyer in Louisville, KY

Facing Drug Problems

Kentucky prosecutors and police aggressively prosecute every drug charge. If you or someone you care about is facing a drug charge, in Jefferson County, it is important to hire an attorney who not only understands the laws and available defenses, but also believes of working with you and your family to address any underlying addiction and dependency issues.

Drug Treatment May Help Avoid Serious Penalties

People who seek treatment and successfully address their drug or alcohol dependency issues fair better in the criminal justice system than those who do not.

I'm defense lawyer Benham Sims and I want to help you with both your legal issues and your addiction problem. Do not represent yourself for a drug charge. There is a range of penalties. I'll let you know about the standard disposition charges, availability of diversion program programs and consequences of pleading guilty.

I've had hundreds of people meet with me after they have played guilty without a lawyer because they were unaware of how they're plea would impact their life.

A plea of guilty can result in:

  • Ineligibility to receive financial aid
  • Ineligibility to expunge your criminal record
  • Ineligibility to enroll in college an apprenticeship or trade school
  • Ineligibility to work in healthcare or law enforcement
  • Ineligibility to join the armed forces
  • In eligibility to serve as a volunteer at your child's school, your church, your daughter's softball team or your son's baseball team

I am a child of an alcoholic, and I have spent my career helping people with addictions. I recognize that sometimes a relapse is part of a person's recovery. If this happens, the most important thing is to address it in a way that prevents you from re-offending and protects you from serious consequences.

Helping You Move Forward - Jefferson County Criminal Drug Charge Attorney

I am dedicated to helping you move forward and minimizing the penalties you face. When people with addiction problems are incarcerated, instead of getting their lives back on track, they lose their employment and fail to pay taxes and make other contributions to society. The state ends up paying to house addicts alongside hardened and violent offenders. The addicts eventually return to the streets without addressing their addictions and with little chance of maintaining employment or sobriety. I work hard to prevent this from happening to my clients.

If you or a family member is facing drug charges, contact me online. Or you can call my office at (502) 589-6190 or (502) 648-1759 (text after hours).

If you would like to learn about expunging a drug charge, visit my other website, HelpExpungeMe.com.