DUI Lawyer in Louisville, KY

DUI Lawyer in Louisville, KY

Kentucky DUI

Getting a DUI in Louisville, Kentucky, is no laughing matter. Your attorney should have the experience to help you in your DUI defense. If you were charged with a DUI, why not hire a lawyer who wrote the Kentucky Prosecutors Association DUI Trial Manual, served as director of the DUI Jury Trial Division of the Jefferson County Attorney's Office, and was appointed by the attorney general to serve as special counsel to the Kentucky DUI Task Force? Contact me, attorney Benham Sims, if you are seeking a top Louisville DUI defense attorney. I offer free initial consultations.

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Over the past 25 years, every state has dramatically strengthened its DUI laws. In Kentucky, the police, prosecutors and MADD joined together to strengthen the DUI law and to make sure it is uniformly enforced. In Jefferson County, we have seen conviction rates soar as a result of more rigid enforcement and more resources allocated by local prosecutors and police departments.

The consequences of a DUI conviction can include mandatory jail time, loss of your driver's license, increased insurance premiums or policy cancellation, loss of employment, and loss or suspension of professional credentials. I will fight to minimize the penalties you face.

If you have already lost your driving privileges, I may be able to help you reinstate your driver's license.

In 2015, Benham Sims was one of two defense attorneys in Kentucky to be invited to be a part of the Interlock Device Task Force.
It is imperative that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately if you face DUI charges in the Jefferson County area. This is one of the most difficult areas in the country for a criminal defense lawyer to represent a DUI client. The difficulty stems from the legacy of the Carrollton bus crash, the media's focus on this issue, the public's lack of sympathy toward DUI offenders, increased police patrols for impaired drivers and the societal costs incurred in drunk driving crashes.

You Can Improve Your Case

I often suggest that clients email a five-page statement as soon as possible. Please write legibly and in chronological order. Remember to include every word an officer or witness said to you and your response during the investigation, arrest, and breath/blood test process. It is imperative that you write this statement as soon as possible. You will forget important details and facts with each day that passes.

Please also provide pictures of the area where you were arrested and given field sobriety tests. Use a whole role of film, label the pictures with your name and write on the back of the photo what the photo is depicting. Please show the area where you performed the Field Sobriety Tests, including pictures at ground level-that will show the jury if the area was level or at an angle and whether it is free of rocks and uneven pavement.

Please note that if this was an accident case the prosecutor may amend the charges to include felony Wanton Endangerment or Assault or Criminal Mischief. In addition, leaving the scene of a DUI accident is now a felony offense. Please provide me with a list of witnesses including their full name, home and work addresses, home, work and cell phone numbers, and email and Facebook addresses.

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To schedule a free consultation, contact me online. Or you can call my office at (502) 589-6190 or (502) 648-1759 (text after hours). You may also be eligible for the DUI Diversion Program. Please contact me to discuss this option.

To learn about clearing a DUI charge from your record, visit HelpExpungeMe.com to determine if you are eligible for expungement.