Let's Work Together to Protect You

  1. Do not talk to the police, witnesses, prosecutors or court personnel without your lawyer being present. Do not have others contact anyone without your attorney's approval.
  2. Tell your attorney everything. Do not hold back any information; your attorney will know what is significant or insignificant. Provide every detail to your lawyer, no matter how small. Help your lawyer become the most informed person in your case.
  3. Keep in contact with your attorney. Always provide him or her with your current contact information. If you move or change your telephone number, advise your attorney immediately. Do not wait to hear from your attorney - be proactive.
  4. If you do not understand something, ask your attorney.
  5. Follow all the rules of the court. If you make a mistake, do not wait to address it; call your attorney immediately.
  6. Be respectful. If the police stop you, be polite. Respectfully hand the officer my card and ask him or her to contact me if he or she starts to ask you questions beyond reviewing your drivers license or identification. Even if I am unavailable, be polite and respectfully refuse to answer questions that may incriminate you.
  7. Be respectful of the court. Appear in court on time, dressed appropriately and with your cellphone turned off. Be respectful of my time by attending your appointments with me on time. If you have a family member or friend who has been arrested, or if you are involved in an accident, please call me immediately; do not wait.
  8. Do not bring prohibited items to court. I can provide you with a list.


  • Please be aware that the federal government may deny financial aid for college/technical schools for any drug-related conviction.
  • If you are on probation/parole, a minor criminal charge may result in your revocation.
  • If you are in this country illegally, your charge/conviction may result in your deportation.

If you move or change your phone number, I must be notified immediately. You can contact me online. Or you can call my office at (502) 589-6190 or (502) 648-1759 (text after hours).