Get Legal Support After an Accident

Get Legal Support After an Accident

Retain a personal injury lawyer in Louisville, KY

Recovering after an injury or botched medical procedure can take its toll - not just on your health, but on your wallet. That's where I come in. My name is Benham Sims, personal injury lawyer at The Law Office Benham Sims in Louisville, KY. I'll be there to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

What to do after an injury or accident

The hours and days following an injury can have a major impact on your personal injury lawsuit. Here are 10 tips for building the most effective case possible:

  1. Don't talk to the insurance companies. After an injury, you can expect an insurance adjuster to contact you within 24 hours. YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE A STATEMENT. It is important to know that these adjusters are trained on interviewing tactics, and they will push hard to get a statement from you. To prohibit them from interrogating your further, politely inform them that "your attorney will be contacting them. Also, all further information should be directed to your attorney." Don't ever talk with them without your attorney on the phone with you.
  2. Take LOTS of pictures. You or someone close to you should take photographs of the accident scene to document the accident and injury. For example, if you were injured in a car accident, take photos of your injuries, the damage to your car and any other property and the location of the accident.
  3. Keep a journal of your medical care. Have a loved one who is caring for you keep a journal of your doctors, diagnosis, recommendations, medications and treatment.
  4. Get information from witnesses. Get as much contact information as you can. Remember that we need to talk to your witnesses as soon as possible.
  5. Meet with an attorney. It is important to meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.
  6. Go to the hospital or your doctor immediately. Often, clients do not realize they were injured for hours or days later. It's imperative that you receive proper medical care and follow all of your physician's recommendations. I will meet with you at the hospital or your home while you are recovering.

Contact me, Benham Sims, for trusted advice and counsel following any personal injury or wrongful death in the Louisville, KY, area. I have practiced law for more than 27 years, and I can help you through this difficult time. You may be entitled to a range of damages for your personal injury, including compensation for lost wages, medical bills, property damage, pain and diminished future income.

What cases do I take on?

I will vigorously work to protect my clients' rights and to ensure they receive maximum compensation for injuries involving:

⦁Car accidents truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and other motor vehicle accidents
⦁Medical malpractice
⦁Wrongful death
⦁Slip-and-fall accidents on unsafe property
⦁Injuries caused by unsafe products (product liability)

If you've been injured and need to file a personal injury lawsuit, contact my office in Louisville, KY now.


I worked with some of the most recognized lawyers in this area of the country. I'm fortunate to have a sister, Dorothy Clay Sims, who is an AV-rated attorney. Most recently, Dottie served as one of the attorneys in what many have called the Trial of the Century, the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony. The defense team won an acquittal, despite the prediction of many media pundits. My sister's role was to attack the questionable science the prosecution was trying to introduce.

I am a dedicated Louisville personal injury lawyer, and I strive to make myself available to clients at all times. To schedule a free consultation, contact me online. You can also call my office at 502-589-6190 or 502-648-1759 (text after hours).

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