Sample Attorney Fees

Sample Attorney Fees

The initial consultation is free. I am not the cheapest nor am I the most expensive attorney; I strive to charge a fair price for my legal services and experience.

You should ask any attorney that you interview about his or her experience.

  • Has the attorney tried a case to a jury?
  • Has the attorney served as a trial prosecutor, trial judge or public defender?
  • Has the attorney been published?
  • Has the attorney written a trial manual for Kentucky prosecutors or defense attorneys?
  • Has the attorney served as a seminar instructor for the Kentucky Bar Association, Louisville Bar Association, Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy or Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council?
  • Has the attorney been asked to instruct police officers on how to detect and enforce laws?
  • What awards has the attorney received as a result of his or her legal practice?

If the attorney hesitates to answer or attempts to change the conversation, you should interview another attorney.

Drug Cases

The retainer for a possession of marijuana charge is $250. No other additional attorney fee will be assessed unless the case is tried.

Felony drug charges resolved in Jefferson District Court have a $2,500 retainer. Charges prosecuted in circuit court will require a higher retainer. Trials will also be at an additional cost.

Traffic Offenses

I charge $100 for speeding charges less than 26 mph. Traffic offenses can range from $100 to $1,000 if the case is resolved without a hearing or trial. Attorney fees for trials are always higher.

The retainer for a first-offense DUI is between $500 and $2,500 depending on the seriousness of the underlying charges. Additional attorney costs will depend on the number of court appearances involved and whether discovery is filed, motions and hearings are held, or if the case is tried. Most DUI clients pay only the initial $500 fee.

Warrant And Assault

Warrant and assault cases usually require a $500 to $2,000 retainer depending on the client's criminal history. If the case is tried, the attorney fees will increase as they would for any other attorney. Additional attorney fees will be based on the nature and number of the charges, client interview, client's criminal history and the complexity of the case.

Obviously, every client and the circumstances of his or her arrest are different. The fees charged by any attorney should reflect the seriousness of the offense(s) charged, the criminal history of the client, the nature and circumstances of the arrest, and whether the client is on probation or subject to a motion to revoke because of a prior offense. The biggest single determining factor as to the cost of the offense is whether or not the client wishes to try the case. Fortunately, 90 percent or more of all cases are resolved without the necessity of a trial.

Appeals, revocation hearings, transportation cabinet hearing, motions to revoke, and show cause hearings are additional.

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