Shoplifting and Theft Charge Lawyer in Louisville, KY

Jefferson County Shoplifting

Kentucky prosecutors treat shoplifting, bad check and theft cases very seriously. So should you! Clients often fail to realize the consequences of a plea to a theft charge. Some clients are under the mistaken impression that they can save money by representing themselves on theft and bad check charges. Few employers will even grant an interview for those applicants with a theft charge on the record. Current employers are more likely to run background checks for a long time employees with serious pension consequences for those employees that may have made a mistake like cashing a check during a divorce and not knowing a spouse had withdrawn all of the money from the account.

The defendant believes that he or she can pay restitution and court costs and the case is over with. The glaring flaw to this approach is the failure to realize the collateral consequences of pleading to a bad check or theft charge.

Consequences Of A Theft Conviction

Most employers require a background check for all job applications or for those employees seeking a promotion. Most human resources managers will admit that companies do not consider hiring applicants with a criminal record that includes crimes of theft, drug or alcohol abuse, or violence. Saving a few hundred dollars in attorney fees often costs people thousands of dollars a year in potential income. Experienced criminal defense attorneys will work to avoid a conviction by seeking an alternative resolution to the case, including formal and informal diversion programs. Unless you are an experienced lawyer, you do not know all the alternatives available to the prosecutor and court.

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